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    Same steps to "renew" expired Apple Merchant Certificates (IOS) in Braintree? For now we followed these steps to create a new certificate and uploaded it there, but the expired one remains (aren't able to remove it). And the other steps were mostly repeated, with notable exception for recreating and placing the Domain Association File, which we assume is unchanged from the one we have hosted there previously. Seem correct?

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    Clayton Rogers

    Hi @Rambillo,

    Yes the steps are the same to renew an expiring certificate. Expired certs remain in Braintree's system but when you have more than one cert you will see an option Make Default. That allows you to set which cert is the default cert.

    To permanently remove an expired cert, you can contact Braintree Support and request that the expired cert be removed. It's existence won't hurt anything though.

    The Domain Association File remains the same so you don't have to add it again.


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