AVS Security - Address Verification OR lack of by some banks


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    Hi @pi,

    Excellent post and you bring up a great point about the limitations of AVS, especially for countries other than the US (where AVS support is common). We have had several merchants contact us over the past few months that were experiencing charge backs but by implementing some of the techniques outlined later in this post they pretty much eliminated their charge back issue. 

    It is unlikely in our opinion that there will be a change anytime soon in the industry but that doesn't mean there aren't actions you can take to reduce your risk of a charge back. For example, the Braintree For WooCommerce plugin supports fraud detection. Enabling fraud detection within the plugin is a great first step in limiting your exposure to a charge back and is as simple as clicking a checkbox in the plugin and enabling Fraud Detection within your Braintree Control panel. In addition to fraud detection, enabling 3D Secure offers a very secure line of defense against fraud. Using conditional statements, you can actually enable or disable 3D Secure for your customers based on their billing country, the shopping cart total, or the shipping country. There are even options to completely reject the transaction if liability is not shifted from you to the credit card provider. 

    So in summary, by experimenting with what options work best for your business, we believe you can come very close to eliminating fraud and thus charge backs against your business. Hope this post helped!

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